Christopher Appel is an Atlanta area creative talent, with a background in 3D graphics and digital illuatration. He currently serves as 3D director for Floyd County Productions, overseeing modeling and animation for a variety of projects, including the Emmy Award winning television comedy, Archer. Prior to that, he was Graphic Director for Prototerra, a virtual reality company, and Heuristic Park, a local game company. His software credits include contributions to the award winning Wizardry and Unreal series.


As a digital illustrator, he has contributed to a number of game series, including Dungeons and DragonsLegend of the Five RingsDeadlandsWeird Wars, and Xcrawl. In addition to the hundreds of illustrations for the games market, Chris has worked in the children's book market as illustrator on The Big Book of Warriors and the Big Book of Cowboys and Indians.

When not producing artwork, Chris likes to pass the time travelling with his wife MarKay or working on his first novel.




Graphic Director - Prototerra     2006-2010

Chris brought his 3D environment design skills to online worlds powered by the Portorerra engine, including RLC and Virtual Vancouver.


3D Director - Floyd County Productions       2016-Present

Chris began at Floyd County as a background artist in 2011, working on Unsupervised. As a 3D Environment Artist he contributed to Chozen and Archer, which won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Series.


Graphic Director - Heuristic Park     1996 - 2001

Chris began his career in game development in 1991, working with D. W. Bradley on the acclaimed Wizardry series for Sirtech Software, winning over twenty industry awards for Bane of the Cosmic Forge and Crusaders of the Dark Savant.  The two collaborated again on Cybermage: Darklight Awakening for Origins Systems. In 1996, Bradley founded Heuristic Park. Chris served as Graphic Director and Vice President of the company, working on Wizards and Warriors, and contributing to the Unreal series for Legend Entertainment and Nox, for Westwood Studios.